Turf Management

All mowing is performed with “commercial” rotary mowers; blades are changed and sharpened regularly to provide greener appearance and to lessen the probability of fungal disease. Green Concept operators are trained to mow in directional patterns, creating a professionally striped look. Patterns are periodically changed to reduce the risk of soil compaction and rutting. Clippings are not generally caught so nutrients may be recycled to promote thick, healthy turf, thus reducing the development of broadleaf weeds.

Necessary precautions are taken by our staff to avoid clipping dispersal into mulched areas. After mowing, operators use string- trimmers to vertically edge hard surfaces (i.e. curbs, sidewalks, etc.) and landscape beds to produce a distinctive edge. Trimming around structures and other turf areas, also cut by a string-trimmer, is done at the same cutting height as the mowing equipment to eliminate scalping. Finally, all debris by mowing and trimming operation is blown off sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, decks, steps, and other paved surfaces.

Lawn Edging reduces the chance of unwanted weeds and grasses from spreadin into mulched areas. It produces a distinctive edge separating turf from landscaped beds, creating a well-defined border. Edges are skillfully cut into soil by straigh-edge shovel. The wast prduced from this procedure is colelcted and removed.