Green Concept Landscape and Irrigation Services is reputed Gardening Company in Dubai. We take pride in providing customized solutions in landscaping and gardening to different business segments such as developers, hotels, institutions, and private residences in UAE.

Green Concept management is committed to delivering the best gardening services to its customers

Under the guidelines of our managing director having 20 years of vast experience in the field of gardening and garden maintenance services; our team of highly trained staffs is delivering the best horticulture based gardening services.

In Green Concept we understand the importance of best manicured and well-maintained garden in the day to a day life.

Green Concept gardening team is based on the group of well-experienced staff with state of the art latest machinery.

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Service Delivery Methodology:
Whether your garden is suffering from weather effects or pest infestation, Green Concept gardening team will solve your problems, we will explain you on daily, weekly and annual services which are essential for the garden to keep it up to standards.

Services that we are providing are as follows:

  1. Executive Summary and assessment of your garden
  2. Residential and Commercial Landscaping Proposals
  3. Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs
  4. Lawn Planting, Mowing, and Maintenance
  5. Tree and Shrub Planting, Maintenance and Removal
  6. Hard Scape works

The prices of our services are cozy and competitive in the market while we deliver quality services to exceed customer satisfaction.

Green Concept creates designs that will have the potential to add value to your property. We help you conceive beautiful surroundings that increase in worth with time.

Lawn Planting, Mowing, and Maintenance

As a landscape company, of course we offer many different lawn services, including (but not limited to):

Lawn Service Description of Service
Mowing, Trimming, Edging Frequency of mowing depends on growing season, and dry/rainy periods

Edges will be kept trimmed to maintain a neat appearance.

Fertilize Fertilized with chemical and organic fertilizers
Insect Control By using Federal and State registered insect control products as needed, we can prevent Or mitigate potential turf damage.
Weed Control By using proper fertilization, mowing and watering practices, we’ll promote the growth Of weed-resistant turf.

Tree and Shrub Planting, Maintenance and Removal

Whatever your tree situation is we offer:

  • Tree planting, Tree removal, Pruning, Staking and anchoring, Routine Tree Maintenance, Trimming, Weeds control, Edges and Fertilization
  • And much more!

If your landscaping concern is unlisted, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Initial estimates are always free!

We follow strict installation standards and only use quality materials for every project however big or small.