Dubai is situated in a desert and without a properly designed and functioning irrigation system, the reason why most plants would not last more than a day without water in peak summer. Our irrigation system provides adequate water based on plant water requirements. Water requirement may vary depending on plant size, type, turf grass area and other environmental conditions.

Green Concept Landscape and Irrigation Services engineers will conduct a research and analysis for each landscape project to assess the amount of water requirement and design appropriate irrigation system for the project, whether it will be fully automatic system, semi-automatic or other types. We have local experience and exposure to the latest technologies.

Green Concept Landscape and Irrigation Services has equipped with the knowledge to undertake all works related to specialized irrigation designs such as site surveys, preparation of plans, irrigation concepts, detailed plans, installation details, hydraulic calculations, bills of quantities and detailed specifications.

Eco-friendly Irrigation System Installation and Repairs

Season and weather are the two primary concerns when it comes to irrigation needs. Certain weather patterns, depending on area, have the potential to require annual attention.

Our irrigation maintenance team will also help to reduce and control your unnecessary use of irrigation water in order to reduce your water and electricity bill

By using automatic controllers to supply water for the appropriate weather requirements, watering shall be scheduled depending on the plant materials and seasonal needs. Typically, watering is best done at night or early morning if the system is automatic, unless owner shall decide otherwise.

If any damages to the irrigation system occur, and have been the cause of the Contractor while carrying out maintenance operations, Green Concept will repair these damages, free of charge.

If irrigation equipment appears faulty, vandalized, or accidentally damaged by others, it will be reported promptly to the owner.

In the event of an emergency, repairs or adjustments, other than regular and scheduled visits, our team will be available to solve the issue on urgent basis.

Water feature contractors in Dubai
Water feature contractors in Dubai
irrigation services dubai

We provides the following irrigation services

  • Irrigation design
  • Irrigation  system installations
  • Automatic irrigation system
  • Mainline installation
  • Central irrigation control
  • Irrigation system maintenance

Green Concept Landscape and Irrigation Services is one reputed Irrigation Company in Dubai. We take pride in providing customized solutions in landscaping and gardening to different business segments such as developers, hotels, institutions, parks and private residences in UAE